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The BPMN Method and Style course is the world leader in BPMN training and certification. Since it began in 2007, we have trained thousands of business analysts, business architects, BPM consultants, and process engineers around the globe in the right way to do process modeling, and over 1300 have passed our rigorous certification. Today the training is offered in a variety of delivery formats and on a choice of BPMN tools, all following the same Method and Style approach.

Method and Style does more than teach the vocabulary of BPMN – the meaning of the shapes and symbols. It also provides a methodology for creating consistently well-structured models that are clear, complete, and shareable between business and IT, and teaches important elements of BPMN style that ensure the process logic is communicated unambiguously from the diagram on its own. The approach is described in detail in my books BPMN Method and Style, 2nd Edition, with BPMN Implementer’s Guide, the most popular BPMN 2.0 book on the market, and the more recent BPMN Quick and Easy. The training contains exercises in a BPMN tool and quizzes that teach you how to put it into practice.

While BPMN can be used as a programming language for process automation, for most users that is not what it is about. Its actual primary purpose is to communicate process logic clearly through the diagram. The complete element set of BPMN 2.0 includes too many task, gateway, and event types, and only about half of them are ever used. We show you which ones you really need. And we show you how to create models that are structurally correct. Core concepts like activity and process have a very specific meaning in BPMN, but that meaning is not clearly explained in the spec, often leading to models containing fundamental structure errors.

Learning to create “good BPMN” – models that communicate the process logic clearly, correctly, and consistently through the diagram – does not require technical knowledge, just a disciplined approach and attention to detail. Just as with any language, you can’t learn to “speak” it properly by reading a book. You need to be hands-on with a tool. We have exercises throughout the training, and a major mail-in exercise in the post-class certification period.

Online on-demand video training, self-paced. The training uses the Trisotech Workflow Modeler, which is cloud/browser-based.

The primary delivery format for BPMN Method and Style training is self-paced web/on-demand, using videos with accompanying exercises using the Trisotech Workflow Modeler. You get full BPMN training based on Bruce Silver’s proven Method and Style approach in a convenient self-paced format, complete with individualized post-class certification. You’ll learn three things in the class:

  1. The vocabulary of BPMN, the shapes and symbols, focused on just those you need and eliminating those you don’t.

  2. The Method, a systematic approach to turning your notes gathered from stakeholder workshops and interviews into a properly structured digital asset that communicates clearly to all stakeholders – even other project teams, business and IT.

  3. BPMN Style, conventions designed to ensure the meaning of the process logic is clear from the printed diagrams on their own, even to those who don’t already know it. These conventions are framed as additional rules that are validated in the Trisotech Workflow Modeler.

Who Is the Intended Audience?

Contrary to popular belief, BPMN is not “too complicated” for business users. It does not require a technical background, just a disciplined approach and attention to detail. Our student population is about evenly split between business users on one side and business analysts and architects on the other. The Method and Style approach we teach is oriented to the business analyst/architect, who uses BPMN to communicate process logic both to stakeholders in both the line of business and IT. You’ll learn the shapes and symbols you need to know, and which ones you can ignore, as well as a step-by-step methodology and “style rules” that help ensure the process logic is clear from the printed diagram alone.

What Does the Training Include?

The web/on-demand training includes the following:

  • Approximately 10-15 hours of instruction, assuming you do all the exercises
  • 60-day use of the Trisotech BPMN tool
  • In-class exercises using the tool, with interactive discussion of the solutions
  • “Watch me do this” screencam videos to explain the mechanics of the tool
  • PDF student notes
  • Post-class certification based on an online exam plus a mail-in exercise, involving one-on-one interaction

Students have 60-days from purchase to complete the course material and certification.

To get a better idea of what is included, check out this video of Part 1, Training Overview.

Course Outline

  1. What Is BPMN?
  2. BPMN by Example
  3. Concepts and the Method
  4. BPMN Style
  5. Parallel Flow
  6. Events
  7. Iteration
  8. Following the Rules
  9. Certification and Beyond

Additional Options

Combined BPMN and DMN Training and Certification

Combine the BPMN and DMN Training Certifications in a single purchase.


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Training Extension

If you could not complete your training in 60 days, you can purchase an extension of another 60 days. A single extension is allowed per student.


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