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Low-Code Business Automation with BPMN and DMN shows you how to create executable Business Automation services and pageflow apps without programming. Business Automation, also known as Digital Transformation, is a key initiative for all businesses today, and Low-Code – solutions based on models instead of program code – is the hottest topic in application development. There are a number of Low-Code Business Automation platforms available today, all using proprietary modeling languages. This course will show you how to do it entirely with standards: DMN for business logic and BPMN for process logic. Unlike our BPMN Method and Style training, which covers non-executable models for process documentation and improvement, executable BPMN has – until now – always required programming. But Trisotech has borrowed Low-Code features from DMN – boxed expressions and the expression language FEEL – to make executable BPMN Low-Code as well! In this course, students learn how to create executable workflow processes and self-contained pageflow apps using a model-based approach.

You’ll learn four things in the class:

  1. The key patterns of Low-Code Business Automation, and a basic methodology for implementing each one.
  2. Use of DMN decision services to create all modeler-defined business logic in Low-Code Business Automation.
  3. Details of executable BPMN design, based on configuration of 5 BPMN task types – Decision tasks, Service tasks, User tasks, Script tasks, and Call Activities – and their integration with process variables, using FEEL and boxed expressions.
  4. Testing and production deployment of Business Automation services and pageflow apps in the Trisotech Cloud.

Who Is the Intended Audience?

This course is aimed at what Microsoft calls software “makers” – product owners and technically inclined business users, as well as developers interested in a Low-Code model-based approach, which significantly reduces time-to-value. If you can create spreadsheets using the Formulas ribbon in Microsoft Excel, you qualify as a “maker”. While the course does not require any programming knowledge or experience, it does require familiarity with DMN, including BKMs, contexts, and FEEL. If DMN is new to you, I suggest taking my DMN Method and Style training first; an attractive bundle of DMN and Business Automation training is available at a signficant cost savings.

What Does the Training Include?

The web/on-demand training includes the following:

  • Comprehensive instruction in details of Business Automation design using Low-Code
  • 60-day use of the Trisotech platform, including Workflow Modeler, Decision Modeler, Cloud Datastores, Digital Enterprise Graph, Operation Library, Cloud Publish and Service Library
  • 60-day use of a MySQL database on my website and Skyvia Connect endpoint providing OData access to it
  • In-class exercises using the tools, with interactive discussion of the solutions
  • Creation of a Vacation Request workflow service and a Stock Trading pageflow app
  • PDF student notes
  • Two levels of post-class certification. Basics certification based on an online exam through Part 6 of the training; Advanced certification based on demonstration of a working Stock Trading pageflow app.

Students have 60-days from purchase to complete the course material and certification.

To get a better idea of what is included, check out this video of Part 1, Introduction and Overview.

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Overview
  • DMN in Business Automation
  • BPMN in Business Automation
  • Task Configuration
  • Vacation Request Process
  • Basics Recap and Certification
  • Stock Trading App
  • Price and Validate Trade
  • Evaluate Portfolio
  • Execute Trade
  • The Pageflow App
  • Certification and Beyond

Additional Options

Combined Business Automation and DMN Training and Certification

Combine the Business Automation and DMN Training Certifications in a single purchase.


Transaction processed on the Trisotech payment system